What to do when you’re desperate for a proposal

Unique Marriage Proposal

Five ways to get him to go down on one knee

You’re at your wits’ end. You’ve tried leaving wedding magazines lying around. You’ve tried sharing the link to your Pinterest wedding collection. You’ve even tried putting together a wedding song playlist and play it on constant repeat whenever he’s around, but he still hasn’t taken the hint.

It’s time to get serious. Here’s our handy guide to what to do when you’re desperate for a proposal.

1. Take him on a good old guilt trip

We might be living in modern times, but at heart, most women are old fashioned enough to want to be married. Let your partner know how hard it is for you to survive without a proposal. Does he really want you to be the last one out of your sisters to get married? Doesn’t he know how hard it is to go into work and have everyone staring at you, knowing you’re the loser who doesn’t have an engagement ring? Doesn’t he want everyone to know how much he loves you? If he really loved you, he’d propose and it won’t take much nagging for him to realise that.

2. Do the thinking for him

Maybe he hasn’t proposed because he isn’t sure what kind of ring you want. That’s understandable. It’s tricky figuring out whether to go for the huge diamond solitaire or a tasteful sapphire cluster. Do the hard work for him. Go down to your local jewellers and pick out the ring you want and take a selfie of you wearing it. Splash it all over social media with the caption “the engagement ring of my dreams.” He’ll soon take the hint.

3. Bring in the big guns

That’s right. His mother. Every man’s a mummy’s boy at heart. Start phoning his mum for regular chats. She’s your new best friend. Once you’ve been out with her a few times, casually mention how much you’d love to give her grandchildren, but you couldn’t possibly consider it unless you were married. She’ll soon arrange the proposal for you. Heck, she’ll probably even buy the ring, so you might want to forward that photo to her…

4. Talk about your dream wedding

I don’t just mean have the odd conversation. Talk about your dream wedding all the time. Let him know that you’ve got all the little details sorted out, right down to the buttonholes. You’ve sorted the venue, you know what music you want and all he’s got to do is show up. Once he realises how little he’ll have to do to arrange the wedding, he’ll be more than happy to go along with it. That and the fact that he’ll just want to shut you up because he’s so tired of hearing about it.

5.  Arrange your dream wedding

Take things one step further and actually book the event. It’ll be just like picking out the ring. The chances are high that he’s just been too worried about all the organisation involved in a wedding to propose. Tell him that you’ve been invited to a wedding so that he puts on a nice suit and then when he arrives at the venue, surprise him with the news that it’s actually your wedding! He’ll be so grateful that you’ve taken away all the hard work and stress that he’ll fall to his knees there and then. You’ll get the proposal and the wedding all in one day – bonus!

If you’re not brave enough to try out our suggestions, you can always wait until the next leap year and propose yourself! However you get engaged, you’ll want to book Kippure Estate in Co. Wicklow for your wedding.  Check out https://kippure.com/weddings/wedding-venues-wicklow.htm for further details.

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