Green, ethical weddings in a tranquil and natural setting…

Your wedding day should be a reflection of who you are – this is what will make your day special.

If you live your lives with a strong social conscience, then chances are that a wedding which is ‘green’, ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘ethical’ is probably something which matters to you.

You won’t be interested in something which is mass-produced, wasteful or formulaic. You’ll be seeking something unique, natural and memorable.

Kippure Estate is a beautiful, green venue where people can connect with the natural environment, enjoying a sense of peace and harmony.

We can host weddings for people who love nature and have chosen to embrace a more organic lifestyle and want an earth-friendly venue to celebrate their wedding.

The true meaning of ‘Green’

The concept of a ‘green’ or ‘ethical’ wedding can cover just about every aspect of your big day. From your dress to invitations to flowers to transport, there are so many ways in which you can plan the best day of your life, without having it cost the earth.

But first, let’s get one thing clear – all of this does not mean a lentils and barefoot event – your ’green’ nuptials can be as elegant and glamorous as you choose! Following are just a few suggestions of how you can make your wedding that little bit kinder to the planet.

Eco Wedding Tips

  • Using locally-grown, seasonal flowers means that your blooms won’t have racked up carbon emissions, as opposed to those rare species that are flown in from overseas
  • Here at Kippure, you are also welcome to gather greenery from our forests such as leaves, ferns and mosses, to enhance your bouquets or decorations
  • Use potted plants to decorate your tables – your guests can even take them away to plant at home – perhaps do this instead of favours?
  • As an alternative to cut flowers, it is possible to have a tree planted in honour of the occasion, here at Kippure Estate
  • Opt for organic food. Talk to us about what we can achieve on your budget. It may be that a combination of organic and locally-sourced produce with fair trade tea and coffee is the way forward
  • Use recycled paper for your invitations; or better still, simply set up a wedding blog and forget paper altogether (this is becoming an increasingly popular option)
  • Have your wedding cake made with fair-trade ingredients or source from an organic baker
  • Have your wedding ceremony and reception take place in the same venue to save on travel (at Kippure this is the most popular option)
  • You can find beautiful wedding dresses made from fair-trade and cruelty-free products, such as organic cotton, hemp and silks. It is also possible to choose unbleached materials and colours that use only natural dyes
  • It is always worth considering a second-hand dress, or a “vintage” one worn by a parent or relative that can be re-vamped and recycled
  • Wedding rings: it’s best to look for ethically mined metals, and ethically sourced diamonds and other precious stones. Alternatively, you could consider second hand jewellery
  • Organise a car-share scheme for guests arriving from similar areas
  • Opt to honeymoon nearer home or book with a responsible, specialist travel provider

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