Wedding Boot Camp Part 1

Tips on Looking Your Best and Healthiest on Your Wedding Day
It’s ten weeks to go until you and your fiancée tie the knot. Undoubtedly, you are feeling a ball of emotions, from the excitement of marrying the love of your life to the stress associated with all the wedding preparations.
While the day is about you and your partner, what you will look like has probably crossed your mind on several occasions. What’s most important, however, is that you feel beautiful in your own skin. This positive attitude will make you look even more stunning and relaxed. The best part is you don’t need to complete a monstrous exercise regime or crash diet. A focus on being healthy while toning, shedding a few pounds and promoting the natural glow of your skin will help you look, and feel, your best on your wedding day.
10 Weeks to Go
Start a work-out regime that you will enjoy and be able to realistically maintain for the ten weeks until your wedding (and even afterwards). Your goal should not be about looking like a supermodel, but about looking healthier and feeling better about your body. You might want to join a gym with a personal trainer, sign up for a fun fitness class or join a recreational sports team. You could also commit to 30 minutes of activity every day, such as alternating between running, swimming and yoga. Regular exercise will also help reduce stress leading up to the wedding.
9 Weeks to Go
Analyze your diet and from now until your wedding day, gradually make changes to make it as healthy as possible. Replace as many beverages as you can with water, as this will benefit your skin and will also help you burn fat. Concentrate on eating balanced meals—do not starve yourself! Eating three balanced meals and one or two healthy snacks a day, adding fibre to your diet and cutting down on alcohol and pop are all ways to make your diet healthier. You don’t need to cut out sweets—just remember everything in moderation.
8 Weeks to Go
Start concentrating on your skin so it will have a natural glow for your wedding day. Treat yourself to a facial at a spa or pick up some natural products and have a facial day with friends. Start incorporating skin-friendly foods into your diet, such as eating avocados twice a week, carrot and pomegranate juice once a day or almonds and Brazil nuts for a healthy snack.
7 Weeks to Go
Start improving your sleep regime. Gradually cut down on your daily caffeine intake if your consumption is excessive. Avoid too many late nights and try to go to bed at a consistent time to get a full night’s rest.
6 Weeks to Go
Reassess your exercise, skin, sleep and diet regimes to see if they are beneficial or if one area might need improvement. Each of these changes should fit naturally into your schedule, as opposed to adding stress. If possible, start making plans to go away for a weekend with your fiancée or close friends for a relaxing and fun retreat before the wedding.
Stay tuned for Part 2 of KippureEstate’s Wedding Boot Camp guide to wellness and looking gorgeous on your special day.


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