Wedding Boot Camp Part 2

Tips on Looking Your Best and Healthiest on Your Wedding Day
In Part 1 of Kippure Estate’s Wedding Boot Camp blog post, we talked about how you can make positive changes to feel healthy, relaxed and beautiful for your special day. If you only have a month or so to go and haven’t yet started a health and beauty regime, don’t fret! Even making one or two changes, such as cutting out late nights, reducing alcohol or caffeine intake and going for a daily walk can still make all the difference in the world. As you’ll begin to realize, efforts to reduce your stress will make you look and feel even more stunning.
Let’s continue the countdown of weekly tips for looking and feeling your best for your wedding day!
5 Weeks to Go
If possible, go away for an overnight or weekend retreat that promises relaxation, activities you will enjoy, and most importantly an escape from wedding preparations. This retreat should still enable you to maintain the healthy diet, fitness and wellness practices you have been adopting for the past five weeks. If going away is not in the cards, you can always take an afternoon to go to a place in your town that you have always wanted to visit.
4 Weeks to Go
Organize a therapeutic skin treatment, which will make you feel ultimately rejuvenated. This might be a seaweed wrap at a spa, a visit to a natural spring or purchasing a body mask that you can apply in your own bathroom.
3 Weeks to Go
Have a dress rehearsal for your wedding day, with makeup, hair and all of the finishing touches. You could even arrange for your hairstylist/make-up artist to come to your home and make a fun night of it with friends. You should also plan a last fitting for your wedding dress so that any needed adjustments can be made.
2 Weeks to Go
While some people love getting their photographs taken, many do not. If you are dreading posing for all of those wedding shots, host a fun dry run with your fiancée and one of your camera-happy friends. You do not need to get all dressed up. Just visit the sites you plan on having your photos done and exit your comfort zone with some hilarious (or serious) lovey-dovey poses.
The Week before the Wedding
Although you will probably be doing a lot of running around, make sure you take a little time each day for YOU. This might be a gentle nature walk, a massage, a bath with candles, a manicure or curling up with a book. Taking the time to relax each day will make you look calm and radiant on your wedding day.
At Kippure Estate, we’re all about promoting a healthy lifestyle. Come stay with us during your ten-week wedding boot camp, for a relaxing retreat, some fun outdoor activities and satisfyingly nutritious meals! And if you are still looking for a wedding venue, we would love to hostyour big day!


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