Working Towards A More Sustainable Future


Here at Kippure Estate we are committed to working responsibly and ethically to improve our sustainability and to reduce our impact on the environment. Through this commitment, we strive to help our communities and invite our guests and events team alike to join-in our efforts. We recognise that we are not 100% a sustainable venue but hope that the practices and initiatives that we have, and will continue to put in place show our guests that we are taking substantial efforts for a more sustainable future.

Renewable Resources

Here at Kippure all of our water is sourced from a underground spring on our land.  We work closely with local suppliers to source local produce as much as possible in order to reduce ‘food miles’.

Nature’s Garden

We work to preserve the biodiversity and natural habitats on the Estate with the introduction of guinea hens, peacocks, fowls, sheep and chickens on the estate. We have some wild deer which graze daily on our grasslands.

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Here at Kippure we have restored a 1775 Lime Kiln which is located on the estate. Our local stone mason was able to restore it to its former glory preserving an important part of the estates history.

Save The Trees

At Kippure we use reusable bamboo business cards. Each card we have has had a new tree planted at its purchase. These contactless and reusable business cards are kinder to the environment with less waste making the business more sustainable.


All of our tea and coffee cups adhere to EU regulations and are 100% recyclable.