Finally – a hen party event devoted entirely to fun!

A blissful wacky way to spend an afternoon with a bubbly gang of girls… Fun hen party activities everyone can play… Physical fitness is not essential… For fun-loving hens of all ages! Our hunky, daring instructors will take you through the games. Wicklow Wild Woman consists of a series of scenarios and activities as outlined below. And as everyone loves a little friendly competition your group will split into teams to get the competitive juices flowing.

The programme lasts about three hours and if you want a full day why not combine it with high ropes, archery or a relaxing nature walk.

Examples of some of the games we play…

Potato Croquet

There is a certain art in directing a croquet ball using only a stuffed pair of tights swinging majestically between your legs. You’ll be pleased to hear that it looks every bit as rude and off-the-wall as it sounds.

Wheelbarrow Race

Enjoy a hen party activity with a twist and go ahead with Kippure’s classic wheelbarrow race. Great fun to take part, great fun to watch! Wow – what a race!

Welly Wanging

A traditional Irish farm laborers game that can be traced back to the Middle Ages, Competitors are required to hurl Wellie boots as far as possible within boundary lines. Quirky and fun!


The epic battle of two teams competing to successfully direct their blindfolded mates to make a direct hit with a water pistol, one woman at a time… Hilariously funny! And a little bit of water never hurt anyone!

Trap Larry

Larry the wicked mountain gnome has stolen the famous Kippure Treasure and this high-spirited walking treasure hunt sees you and your friends trying to get it back. But first you must study pictures, riddles and clues to follow the cryptic mind of Larry in order to locate the hidden treasure. Enchanting, delightful, and a great opportunity to savour the estate’s wild, beautiful landscape.

Advice for the bride…

To put the icing on this half day of unrelenting fun and action we end the activities with a closing ceremony that mixes a classic hen party game where participants get a chance to share words of wisdom with the bride-to-be with a novelty prize-giving and also some time for reflection. Includes a free glass of Prosecco for each participant!


1.45pm – Meet for tea, coffee and scones
2.00pm – Introductions; ice breakers (helps everyone to feel part of the group)
2.30pm – Series of fun games as outlined above
4.30pm – Closing ceremony
5.00pm – End (bar opening on request)

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