Feeling Crafty? Here’s a hen party with a difference, with fun, creativity and lots of felting!

If you’re looking for some laid-back fun with friends, or an evening spent learning an exciting new skill, then our unique felting session might be what you’re looking for…

The stereotyped idea of a hen party, complete with cheeky t-shirts, plastic tiaras and L-plates, might not be quite what you had in mind for an enjoyable experience with friends. At Kippure Estate, we have lots of alternative hen experiences, from fun afternoons, to evenings spent with friends, enjoying the last moments of ‘husband-free’ time!

Our hen-themed felting workshop offers not only a chance to relax with friends, but also the opportunity to learn the ancient art of felting and work collaboratively to create a stunning felt lily bouquet.

No Experience Required

Never tried felting before? Don’t worry! Part of the fun of the experience is learning a new skill. Beautiful felt lilies can be created by even the most nervous of beginners, and are perfect for everyone, from aunts and grandparents, to the blushing bride-to-be herself.

We accommodate up to 20 people, and you’ll spend the afternoon or evening learning skills that help you to craft wonderfully flowery creations, including leaves and stamens.

What to Expect?

Here’s what to expect when you join us for a unique felting experience:

  • Learn the basic techniques of wet felting; using soapy water to many layers of wool to create a stiff fabric finish.
  • Tuition from an expert felt maker, who will help you to work together, making a beautiful range of flowers, in complementing colours. (Top tip – use colours that the bride herself will be using during her big day!)  Note – if you have a particular colour scheme in mind, do let us know before the event, so we can cater for your requirements.
  • Each member of the group will create individual flowers, which will then be joined together, creating an amazing, unique bouquet for the bride.
  • All tuition and materials needed on the day are provided as part of the package. You can select from either an afternoon or evening session, and each session lasts approximately two and a half to three hours.

Requirements: We require a minimum of eight people, and can cater for a maximum of 20.

To book a party or for more information please contact Kimo at: kimo@kippure.com or telephone: 01-458 2889.