A fun-filled adventure – with a sweet twist

If you’ve been to one hen party – you’ve been to them all … Unless, it’s a unique, adventurous and hilariously fun event for your soon-to-be wed best friend that revolves around what all women love … chocolate! Kippure Estate’s Chocolate Treasure Hunt is run all year round at our gorgeous 240 acre estate, surrounded by the beautiful outdoors and the Wicklow Mountains. Turn it into a hen slumber party or an entire hen party weekend – we offer fully-serviced holiday homes at affordable prices and dining/bar facilities too!

How the Chocolate Treasure Hunt Works

Your hen party will be divided into teams. Each team competes for chocolate points in three zones that all present fun and exciting challenges. The team who gets the most points au chocolat will gain a head start in the treasure hunt – a huge advantage as only one team can be the first to find the treasure and be pronounced the definitive winners!

During this hen party treasure hunt each team battles against one another to locate hidden clues, which ultimately lead to the treasure chest and its secret code. Yes it will be competitive, but you and your girlfriends will roar with laughter throughout the whole hunt.

Without giving too much away, as the surprise is all part of the fun, here’s a hint of what you will experience during this up to 3 hours fun event:

Zone 1 – The Chocolate Factory

Teams make chocolate covered marshmallows for themselves and their Kippure Estate instructor. Sounds easy right? Don’t be fooled – there’s always a catch! The team to create the first chocolate concoction will win the points; bonus points will be given to the team that makes the most deliciously divine marshmallow.

Zone 2 – The Revels Game

Teams will compete in three different challenges in this zone. One of the contests is the Blind Chocolate Coin Hunt where teams will have to verbally guide one of their team members to find the chocolate coins before the other competitors. The best bit is you get to eat what you find!

Zone 3 – Aero Archery

This is not your typical archery competition! You not only get the points for hitting the target – you will also see how far you and your girlfriends are willing to roll the dice. The targets are covered with mystery chocolate wrappers; depending on which one your arrow pierces, you may gain more points, you may lose points or you might even be able to take points away from another team. Cruel? Yes, but oh so fun!!

Note: The description of the Chocolate Treasure Hunt is deliberately vague so as to leave a bit to the imagination. You wouldn’t want us to give away any hidden secrets or clever twists would you?

The Chocolate Treasure Hunt is designed to take place outside amidst our beautiful grounds at Kippure Estate. However, in the event of poor weather some of the activities can be organized for the indoors and the others can be substituted for challenges suitable to an indoor environment.

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