How to Organise a Residential School Tour

For students, a residential school trip might be the highlight of their entire academic year! Being away from home with their schoolmates, while engaging in a fun line-up of activities, they might not even realise they’re in fact gaining new knowledge and skills that they wouldn’t otherwise learn in the classroom. (You don’t have to tell them that though!)

As teachers and school staff you may feel like taking students on an overnight tour is far from a holiday. But it doesn’t have to be as tiring as you might expect. You might even find you’re having the time of your life as well!

  • Here are some tips for organising a residential school tour that is both educational and enjoyable (and as stress-free as possible).
  • Work with school administrators/staff and the local education authority to ensure your proposed residential school tour follows safety, liability and other relevant guidelines.
  • Sometimes it is helpful to meet with the staff at the residential school tour site to discuss all logistics (including accommodation, food, activities and instructor ratios).
  • Host meeting(s) with students (and their parents), supervisors and staff attending the overnight trip to discuss transportation, the itinerary, safety procedures and other important details. This is a great way to find out about any student needs (such as dietary, accessibility and health).
  • Consider organising fundraisers (these can even be fun) with students and parents to raise money for the cost of the trip.
  • When planning the itinerary, ideally there should be a range of activities that are both educational and fun!
  • Talk to the staff hosting the residential school trip on how activities can be tailored to those with special needs. For example, if a student has physical limitations, find out how they might still be able to participate in outdoor adventure activities.
  • At Kippure Estate, we have a successful track record for hosting school residential tours and youth groups (plus we love doing it). Our trained and experienced instructors facilitate numerous outdoor adventure and experiential learning activities from climbing, abseiling and mountain walks to raft building and orienteering. We also offer group accommodation for up to 150 students and supervisors/teachers with either self-catering or dining options.

We will work with you to plan a trip that meets your needs and goals.To find out more about our budget-friendly school trip options, visit:

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