DIY Wedding Cakes: A Great Idea or a Disaster in the Making?

There’s no such thing as an ‘average’ price for a wedding cake. After all, it depends very much on how many guests you’re having and what sort of style of cake you want to have on the big day. However, one thing is for sure… buying a wedding cake from a professional is seldom cheap.

As a result, many budget-conscious brides are relying on their own baking skills to produce a cake for their wedding. If you’re considering making your cake from scratch, here are a few pros and cons to help you decide.

The Pros of Making Your Own Wedding Cake

  • Saving money. If you’ve already got the right cake making equipment, such as piping kits, tins and bowls, then it’s likely you’ll save money making it yourself.
  • Customization. It’s the ideal opportunity to create the exact cake that you want for your big day.
  • It’s fun. If you love baking, it’s a great chance to show off your skills. It’s even better if family and friends want to join in, as it makes for a great social event!

The Cons of Making Your Own Wedding Cake

  • It may be stressful. Even the best cake maker is likely to find the process of making a wedding cake a bit taxing; especially if it’s large, or if the decoration is intricate.
  • The logistics can be tricky. Remember, it’s not just a case of making the cake. You have to consider storage before the big day, not to mention getting it to the wedding venue in one piece.
  • If it goes wrong, it could end up costing more. If you’re not 100% confident of your abilities, then it might not be worth the risk. If the cake goes wrong, you’ll be wasting ingredients and, of course, wasting money.

And the Verdict?

If you’re naturally gifted at cake making and would enjoy the process, then it makes good sense to have a go! However, if you’re not completely confident that you’ll be able to pull it off, it might be more stress than it’s worth.

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