Essentially, at Kippure Estate, the opportunities for bonding, immersing in nature, embracing new experiences and tapping into your adventurous spirit are endless.

Abseiling from tree canopies down to the forest floor; taking a leap of faith to grasp a suspended trapeze; racing against the clock and other teams to solve a critical mission, cooking in the wild in Master Chef-style; these are just some of the fun-filled adventures Kippure Estate has to offer. We want to share with you the natural splendour of our surroundings providing the perfect setting for an abundance of outdoor activities to do. You can embark on your own explorations and self-led hikes or participate in one of the many activities and team building programmes led by our experienced instructors.

Team Building

For companies and organizations, we offer a series of fun-filled adventure and team building activities that encourage inclusive participation from all the team members and inductive learning to help build and foster healthy and productive work environments. Ropes courses, archery, orienteering, treasure hunts, sky-trekking and outdoor survival skills are just some of what we have to offer that give confidence and the desire to reach new heights, both cooperatively and as an individual. Team mates learn so much about themselves and each other including newfound skills and how to work more cohesively and dynamically together.
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Families and Friends

Individuals, families and friends are always welcome at our outdoor activity days and weekends. People of all ages enjoy participating in our adventure challenges, such as, archery or abseiling, or our entertaining games, like the zany pentathlon. Some of these events come with a delicious barbecue and you can also take the time to relax and absorb the natural beauty of the surrounding environment of Kippure Estate.

We even organize numerous themed activities, like our famous hen and stags themed events. Pick and choose the package to suit you. Kippure Estate offers a diverse choice of outdoor adventure activities, the option of having a themed buffet and an overnight stay in our comfortable accommodation. For the hens, we also have various indulgent packages, including a wine and dine fondue and a chocolate treasure hunt.
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Outdoor Education

Kippure Estate has nearly a decade of experience in providing geographical and ecological field studies to schools seeking the highest standard in education. Designed to complement the curriculum requirements as governed by the Irish Department of Education and Skills’ our qualified instructors guide students by providing them with the hands on experience and knowledge to excel in their examinations. Primary schools students enjoy learning about nature through participating in themed activities, such as our DPSM certified, Pirate or Celtic Warrior Training day.

At the Outdoor education centre of Kippure Estate, we are passionate about not only the pursuit of knowledge through formal methods but are proponents of informal teaching, life-long learning and learning through the experiential. This is why we encourage not only schools to come visit, but welcome youth groups and a host of organisations to the picturesque surroundings of Kippure Estate.
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