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Give your wedding a contemporary twist with a Wedfest

A festival-style wedding, or ‘Wedfest’, is a modern take on traditional weddings, combining the best of a festival experience with everything you could want from a wedding. With endless opportunities to put your own style on your big day, guests will have the time of their lives while you create beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

1. Use lanyards for your wedding invitations

Lanyards are just the beginning. You can commission festival wedding wristbands. Choose colours to match your theme and keep the text simple, with just your first names, as well as the name of the venue and maybe the year.

2. Give out festival wedding wristbands

Go to Etsy and you’ll find plenty of options when it comes to lanyard invitations. Looking just like festival VIP passes, include the names of the happy couple, the date, the time, the place, and any other information about the order of events. It’ll be the first hint guests get of what’s to come!

3. Make wedding wellies part of the dress code

It wouldn’t be a proper festival without wellies and there are some really beautiful patterns around that are both practical and stylish. Let your guests know your dress code and see who can find the most unusual welly boots.

4. Remember your brolly!

It wouldn’t be a festival without the chance of rain, so remind guests to bring an umbrella. Alternatively, if you want to create a striking display, provide the umbrellas yourself to create a striking display.

5. Wear flowers in your hair

Keep it relaxed and casual, with a flattering floral braid. Ask guests to wear flowers in their hair to create that chilled, festival vibe.

6. Use a marquee for your reception

This one practically goes without saying. A marquee really sets the scene and tells everyone they’re at a festival. While the price of marquees can be expensive, Kippure Estate includes the cost of marquee hire in its packages so you can splurge on other details.

7. Hang bunting EVERYWHERE!

You can never have too much bunting when it comes to putting on a festival. Hang it across the marquee, in the trees, along the entrance to the wedding area…

8. Pay special attention to your flowers

There’s plenty of opportunity to use flowers to create a wild, rustic effect. You could have dried flowers around the place where you’re going to exchange your vows, throw petals instead of confetti or even use wellies instead of vases to continue the festival theme throughout.

Wedfest Wicklow

9. Sit on hay bales

Hay bales are surprisingly comfortable and are a fun way to seat your guests. You could throw picnic blankets and cushions over them, using colours that tie in with your theme.

10. Throw caution to the wind and forget about seating!

You could be really daring and not have any seating at all and use rugs and pillows to make everyone comfortable on the grass. It’s what you’d be doing at a festival, after all!

11. Pick up a retro letterboard from eBay

Signage is something frequently overlooked, yet it can have a powerful effect. Use an old style letterboard to tell guests what’s going to happen during your ceremony, using different coloured letters for effect. Alternatively, you could be creative and write your wedding schedule as if it’s a line-up board.

12. Signpost the way to the ceremony

Make sure guests know where they’re going with signposts to point the way. Keep it in the same style as the rest of your signs or hand paint them and let your artistic side run wild.

13. Make your table plan festival-themed

Let everyone know where they’re going to be sitting with a festival-themed table plan. Make it look like a site map, complete with illustrations.

14. Put on great live music

Of course, no festival would be complete without awesome music, so hire a band to keep everyone rocking.

15. Hire a retro photobooth

Phonebooths are lots of fun and give you the opportunity to get unusual wedding photos that reflect your guests’ personalities. Provide lots of accessories so they can dress up and have fun.

16. Hire a bouncy castle

Keep the kids entertained with a bouncy castle. Be warned though – you might have difficulty keeping the adults off!

17. Keep partying into the night with festoon and fairy lights

You’re going to want to celebrate until the wee hours of the morning, so use festival lighting to continue the theme. Put up fairy lights everywhere so the venue looks truly magical.

18. Give out glow sticks

A festival stalwart, glow sticks are an absolute must for night time partying. Make sure you have plenty to hand!

19. Use a guitar case to collect cards

Rather than a boring table, why not put out a guitar case for people to leave their cards in? It keeps them all in one place and you can just snap it up shut and carry them all away when the festivities are done.

20. Make your guests sign a guitar instead of a book

Pick up an old guitar from a thrift shop of eBay and provide a range of different coloured markers. Ask guests to sign it with their well wishes and you’ll have an unusual wall hanging to remind you of your very special day.

Bohemian Wedding in Wicklow

When you transform your wedding into a festival, the result really is something special. As you can see, there’s no limit to what you can do to personalise the event, giving you a stylish, classy wedding that celebrates everything about you as a couple. And when it comes to venue, Kippure Estate is the place to be. Close to Dublin with 240 acres of wild, beautiful grounds, it’s the perfect blank canvas for any bridal dream.

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