The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Autumn in Wicklow

Although summer might be the most popular time to visit County Wicklow, if you wait a few weeks and come in the autumn, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you discover. Not only are airfares cheaper and attractions less crowded, the Irish countryside is simply out of this world. Whether you want to walk, cycle or even drive around, wherever you go, you’ll find plenty of hidden gems in the so-called Garden of Ireland.

Thanks to our generally wet and mild climate, we enjoy green scenery throughout the year, but when the autumn weather sets in, brilliant reds, luscious oranges and startling golds appear, peppering the views with a smattering of colour that lights up the landscape, treating you to incredible views. As the leaves fall, they form a unique carpet for you to crunch through, kicking up the leaves as you ramble along woodlands, mountains and seascapes. It’s a slower pace of life and at this time of year, you’re less likely to meet other tourists, giving you the illusion of a total retreat from the rat race. It’s exactly what you need when you want to rest, relax and recuperate.

Kippure Estate borders the Wicklow Mountains National Park, which boasts an impressive 90,000 hectares of incredible Wicklow countryside. The Wicklow Mountains are a Special Area of Conservation, which makes them a must-see for any nature lover. In the park, you’ll find some of Europe’s oldest peat bog lands, as well as some of Ireland’s most beautiful, heather-dusted mountains, the colourful shrub forming a natural blanket covering the slopes.

In addition, undisturbed woodlands spread as far as the eye can see. Home to herds of sika deer and red/sika hybrid deer, you may well encounter these shy creatures as you roam. Keep your eyes open for plenty of other forest folk, such as foxes, badgers and hares. You’ll want to have your camera handy to capture shots of these gorgeous mammals. Look to the skies and you may find birds of prey, their hunting cries piercing the air.

County Wicklow is also home to numerous stunning lakes and endless walks, so whether you’re an experienced hill walker or you want a short walk suitable for young families, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Inspire a lifelong love of the outdoors in your children or grandchildren when they experience the delights of autumnal scenery.

Autumn brings with it one plenty of events and activities in County Wicklow for you to enjoy especially for the season, such as maize mazes and pumpkin picking, Young and old alike love getting outside in the fresh air for the last harvest of the year and there’s nothing to compare to going out and selecting your own pumpkin for Halloween or simply to use as the base of a delicious pumpkin pie or soup.

Don’t just take our word for it. Come and experience County Wicklow in the autumn and see for yourself just how beautiful our countryside really is.

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